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Ren Hui
10 November 2008 @ 14:32
This is long overdue - I was in Cambodia in early June this year, but well, finally I got it done. It's a series of 15 photos of Cambodian kids.

And in other news, I woke up late AND IT WAS SNOWING. Therefore, I shall wake up late more often.

And watch the embedded video lah.

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Ren Hui
28 October 2008 @ 17:38

I upgraded my flickr account today to flickr pro, because I really need the extra space! The 200 photo limit was a bit too little for me.

Anyway, I was sifting through my harddrives to find something else, and I realised that I left all my edits and selections from my Cambodia trip in Singapore. Argh. I have the original files here though, so I did a re-edit of some of the stuff in it, and I kind of really like this one above.

In other news, I am very sian, and every Monday and Tuesday night I am even more sian than usual because there are tutorials to prepare for. There's this annoying participation mark which I fully intend to get, so I've got little choice but to actually know stuff inside out. Oh well.

It is kind of cold now, the temperature is actually ok, still above freezing point, although the weatherman says it'll snow later today again. It's the wind that's really bad, the temperature can be 3 degrees but the windchill makes it -7. And it blows right through you, making any attempts at keeping warm rather futile.

edit: just checked the weather report for tonight and tomorrow, and looks like it's snow all the way.

Hopefully I'm not stuck in some classroom while it's snowing outside >.<

Also, I just downloaded the new Nikon D300 firmware update, and hmm, it is kind of nice. It brings the D300 up to date with some (not all, unfortunately) of the features that are present in the D700, but one thing that I really wanted still isn't there, and that is the capability to program the function/preview buttons to go straight to liveview. The D700 can do that and I'm pretty sure it's entirely a firmware issue, so I don't know why Nikon can't just release an update for that.

Days are getting real short, and time is flying. I'm into my second month here now, but the first went past a whole lot slower.

Anyway, sort of can't wait for it to actually start snowing properly, and I also can't wait to get back to Singapore next May. Hopefully there'll be some people back in Singapore by then too.

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Ren Hui
20 October 2008 @ 18:29
The autumn colours have finally appeared in Toronto, despite the extremely wintery temperatures having persisted for quite a while now. In fact, going by the weather report, I'd better enjoy my single digit temperatures while they last. Apparently next week's highest temperatures are in the range of zero.

The colours are really damn awesome. And I get really high jumping in leaves, and yes, I know that that sort of activity is usually reserved for kids below the age of six. Unfortunately, I have never ever been overseas at this time of the year, (blame MOE's holiday timing), and as such have never expeirenced autumn or spring. So it's the first time, and I really like it.

I followed up my Singapore cemetery visits with a visit to a Canadian cemetery. Boy are the two different. The Singapore ones, while incredibly peaceful and rather pretty (by Singapore standards anyway), absolutely pale in comparison to the Canadian ones. Searched up google maps to find the nearest cemetery, and off we went.

Destination was St. James Cemetery, and, we walked the whole way there (and back). It's rather far actually, but public transport costs too much.

Had to walk a big round to find the gate to enter the rather nondescript place, and wow.


After I'd finished admiring the cemetery and the peacefulness of it all, Riverdale Farm was the next stop.

Riverdale Farm, as the name suggests, is a farm. In the middle of the city. It's really quite cool, it's got all the animals and it's free admission for everyone. So there were lots of kids there and everyone was happy because it was a nice and sunny autumn day. (That sounds so storybookish.)

Anyway I tried to avoid taking the usual boring photos of the animals, and opted for something a little different. So below is one of a father and son playing with the autumn leaves.

And then after that headed to Salad King for Thai green curry which absolutely rocked! The place's called Salad King even when it obviously doesn't serve any salads or anything resembling salads. Apparently, the previous shop there was called Salad King and really did sell salads, and when the current shop took over, they just couldn't be bothered to change the sign, so it became known as Salad King. There is this perpetual queue outside, and from what I hear, it doesn't diminish, even when it's snowing. I think the food's good, but not that good.

And in other news, I got back some of my tests/assignments, and at the moment I have a damn high GPA. Hmm. An unbelievable 4.0. But I'm pretty sure that will drop once the rest come back.

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Ren Hui
18 September 2008 @ 16:04
I finally gave in to homesickness today. I really want to go back to Singapore, now. Yes Canada's been good to me. There's no reason to dislike it, actually. But I still want Singapore. I knew this would happen sooner or later, but I've been trying to avoid it. Seems that I can't anymore.

I want so bad to hug my mother. I want my bed in my room. I want to see all those people I know back in Singapore. I want to talk to my brother on MSN when he's two metres away from me, not fifteen thousand kilometres away. I want to stick my head out of my study window and see another lousy Singaporean sunset, even though I know they will never compare to the ones here. I even want to feel the hot sticky afternoon, because that means I'm back.

Fly Away

"When will you be home?" she asks
As we watch the planes take off
We both know we have no clear answer to where my dreams may lead
She's watched me as I crawled and stumbled
As a child, she was my world
And now to let me go, I know she bleeds
And yet she says to me

You can fly so high
Keep your gaze upon the sky
I'll be praying every step along the way
Even though it breaks my heart to know we'll be so far apart
I love you too much to make you stay
Baby fly away

-"Fly Away" by Corrinne May

I'm pretty sure my mum cried when she left me in Toronto. I did too, but she didn't see. I think I understand. And the song lyrics put into words exactly what happened, probably way better than I can while I'm in this rather messed up state.

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Ren Hui
08 September 2008 @ 19:54
Had my first lesson in university today. Second year Eastern & Central Europe History. It doesn't seem to be particularly hard, but maybe I'm speaking too early. I think I'm the only first year student there, which makes things a bit intimidating.

I also had first year political science today, and I think I am really going to enjoy that. Tomorrow is psychology.

I do like Toronto, and although I'm walking a lot everyday (to give you an idea of the size of my uni's campus, it's served by 5 subway stations on 2 seperate lines, and has dunno how many libraries - something in the region of 30?) and running up and down 4 stories because my room's on the top floor, I still think it's really nice and the weather is just awesome. The flowers are so bright too, but I can see that they're beginning to die, and the trees are beginning to turn to red and yellow. Summer's over! I'm quite happy about it but I think the Canadians aren't.

My residence building in infrared.

I wonder where the bees go in winter.

I think this is slightly depressing, but beautiful at the same time.

Despite having insane amounts of freedom, I'm not even trying to do anything that I didn't do in Singapore. I haven't drunk a drop of alcohol even though I'm of legal age over here and most of the kids here aren't. I know they envy me because I can get alcohol and nicotine anytime I want, but I don't want, and they don't seem to be able to understand that.

And I'm generally just avoiding thinking about how far away Singapore is, how I am absolutely alone in this weird place, and what and who's in Singapore, because if I do then I'll really miss it. I know I will end up thinking about it eventually, but until then, I'll stave it off by just not thinking too hard.
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Ren Hui
26 August 2008 @ 03:04
I'm about to leave for the airport.

I don't really feel nostalgic or sad or anything. Just numb. Don't think it's registered that I'm going yet. Maybe it will once I'm there.

In any case, thanks all of you, for making Singapore an attractive place to be. And for making me realise that there's something here that I will miss.

I'll see you back in Singapore in May next year. But don't worry, there's internet in Toronto too. :D
Ren Hui
19 August 2008 @ 13:13


I've got less than a week left in Singapore, and I suddenly have everything to do.

I got my driving licence yesterday though, so yay.

Some stuff from helping Matthias out at a wedding on Saturday with Azlan and the D700:

Ren Hui
10 August 2008 @ 01:47
National Day makes Saturday feel like Sunday.

I wanted to shoot the fireworks because I felt patriotic I'm leaving Singapore in two weeks, and it'll be nice to have a nice (cliche) view of Singapore for me to stare at in the middle of the cold Canadian winter.

Was lazy though, so I opted to shoot from my dad's office. At least it's a unique view.

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Ren Hui
18 July 2008 @ 01:03

As everyone knows, the Singapore Flyer is in the middle of a big lallang field. Well, at least that's what the photo makes it look like.
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Ren Hui
14 July 2008 @ 00:45

I wasn't really feeling emo, but I felt an immense need to churn out an emo picture.

Taken at Choa Chu Kang cemetery.
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