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14 July 2009 @ 00:34
To school to school...  
And that is what I carry to school most days.

I'm rather nervous waiting for my course enrolment to begin, so I've been doing rather useless and random things such as taking this.

On top of the bag is my light jacket, meant for temperatures above -5 degrees Celcius in combination with another 1 or 2 layers beneath it. The heavy one is in Toronto, I wasn't about to bring that back... 

Then there is my clipboard and notebook. The clipboard cost me CAD$1.13, and I bought it because I realised after a few days that Canadian lecture halls aren't guaranteed to have those fold out table things, and when they don't, if you don't have a clipboard or a hard file, you can forget about writing properly. There's the notebook, which I buy from the university because it's relatively cheap, and has perforated pages that I can tear out since I use the same notebook for every single class I take, and tear the pages out to file when the book's finished. 

Perched on top of the clipboard and notebook is my cap, or rather, one of my caps. I have also realised that if I don't wear something on my head when it's really cold outside, I stand an extremely high chance of getting a headache and then a flu from the cold because most of the body's heat is lost through the head. 

And then there's some camera stuff, spare batteries and cards... a small notebook, a single pen and a single highlighter... because I have sworn off correction fluid and tape (too messy, takes too long, pointless anyway). Camera stuff goes to class with me because you won't believe the number of times there have been awesome scenes in between classes that I failed to capture because I didn't have the camera. And I hate missing things. It also allows me to go on a small photo walk if I want to after classes.  

In addition, I'll probably carry a water bottle or a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and that's about it. 

I don't carry my laptop to class as I am extremely easily distracted, and if I have the laptop with me, I'll be tempted to go online or play nonsense or simply not pay attention. Besides, I remember stuff better if I write it down physically, and my notebook and clipboard is so much lighter than the laptop anyway.

And I still have 30 minutes to course selection time...

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