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12 January 2009 @ 03:11
Toronto Islands  

Yesterday I woke up at an extremely ungodly hour to take a really long walk down to the lakeshore, to take a ferry to Toronto Islands.

Wow, it was really, really nice. The snow and the cold has kept everyone away, so the place was pretty much deserted for most of the day. I stayed there for around 10 hours, and when I left at 4pm or so, I saw a few photographers coming in... and I was like aww too bad you missed it, because the clouds were coming in and the sun had gone.

Along the way I discovered that Lake Ontario's surface does actually freeze, and the pack ice is really cool, especially when it's covered with snow, because the contrast against the dark water is just awesome. The ferry actually forced its way through the ice, breaking it as it went through, leaving ice shards everywhere. Apparently it refreezes at night, and the next morning they have to break the ice again.

Let's just say I'll most certainly be going back, perhaps when the temperature really drops on Thursday, because other than the pack ice, there will be really nice icicles on the islands. The high for Thursday is expected to be below -20 degrees, and well, we won't go into the low.

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ambivalenceboredpassion on 13th January 2009 02:09 (UTC)
am_dram on 14th January 2009 03:00 (UTC)
WOWWWWW Is there any alteration to that photo?? And what happened to the ROM ones with the moving dinosaur :D
(Anonymous) on 3rd June 2009 03:03 (UTC)
Wow.. i randomly came across ur blog..and wow... i LOVE ur photos!! they are awesome!!