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09 January 2009 @ 23:29

School started, and has been on for a week now.

I feel that I should be doing a lot more than I currently am, but my roommate evidently doesn't think it's time to pick up the books yet.

Oh well.

I started the new year by shooting 2 rolls of film as quickly as I could, and then dropping it off for development really fast too. But then, I forgot to collect it till today.

Above is one of the photos from one of the rolls. I like my new 85 f/1.8 lens.

In other news, I applied for the Summer Abroad programme at Oxford University. Hopefully I shall get it and go this summer. Sounds awesome, and I worked out that it is actually cheaper than summer in Toronto, believe it or not. It helps that the pound is comparatively weak now, and expected to get weaker.

So, if you're in England this summer (especially late-July and the whole of August), let me know! I'm considering going earlier to travel a bit around Europe before starting the programme, but I've got to be back in Toronto for school second week of September.

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aditibangendedscoot on 10th January 2009 06:40 (UTC)
Hello! How are you? (:
That is a lovely photo.
Also, summer abroad in Oxford sounds wonderfully exciting good luck with it!
Okay I don't why I am typing on multiple lines like this! O: