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19 December 2008 @ 16:35
Argh Snow  
Toronto's experiencing the first major snowstorm of the season, and I think they underestimated it... I swear there's more than 30cm of snow out there. Because just now when I trekked (yes, trekked, because it took a lot of physical effort to get there) to McDonalds to satisfy my hunger, I was stepping in way-more-than-knee-deep snow.

And well. It'll be awesome tomorrow when it stops snowing.... but meanwhile this sucks because it's caused the flights to and from Toronto to be cancelled, due to the complete lack of visibility and also the fact that they are unable to keep the snow off the runway long enough for a plane to take off or land. And this sucks even more because now my dad and bro are stranded in Detroit airport because they were on the way to Toronto to visit me, and all the flights got cancelled.

The interesting thing is the news reports all say that this pales in comparison to last year, so they're kind of happy actually.

And now here's a photo of a cute dog (think: Hamley) to remind myself that snow is actually kind of fun... when it's not being annoying in the form of a snowstorm.

Current Mood: worriedworried
Current Music: Fisher House
ohpochok: Hey heyohpochok on 20th December 2008 04:55 (UTC)
That dog is so fluffy and cute! I'm convinced Singapore's cute dogs have been abducted by Toronto and Finland. Lol.
wooniewoonhian on 20th December 2008 19:41 (UTC)
Nice ice.

Oh wait, there's a dog?

(The background is perfect.)
elsongelsong on 21st December 2008 03:54 (UTC)
haha MY flight to detroit got cancelled. staying overnight for a flight tomorrow. man i feel we're so american/canadian now.
dj_lemondj_lemon on 21st December 2008 22:00 (UTC)
Great shot of a really cute dog! =D

Here's wishing you an advanced Merry Christmas!
E.liriene on 24th December 2008 06:59 (UTC)